MediaHub Mini Desktop

The MediaHub Mini Desktop focuses on simplicity, providing guests with the most important and universally accpeted mobile connections to charge and play. USB ports offer fast charging for mobile devices, including tablets while Bluetooth allows guests to listen to their music over the TV speakers without docking their devices. HDMI is the universal method for guests to connect their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and digicams to the HDTV’s.



Enhance Guest Experiences

mediahub-mini-desktop_side-view By providing a simple and straightforward way for guests to enjoy their own content on the in-room TV, you can eliminate unwated calls to the front desk for help. Guests can bring their own content from their mobile devices and plug & play and even charge simulteneously. No more problems with guests disconnecting the set top box or searching for charging outlets. Everything they need at their fingertips.



Guest-Facing Device Inputs

    1. Mini Stereo Jack
    2. HDMI Audio/Video
    3. Bluetooth wireless audio streaming
    4. High-Current 2.1 Amp, 5 Volt USB Charging Socket
    5. 1 Amp, 5 Volt USB Charging Socket
    6. Automatic input switching (HDMI-CEC)
    7. Simultaneous charge and play for guests.
    8. Small footprint with an elegant design to fit most hotel room decor.


Mounting Options Available

Mounting options are available for added security of the Mediahub Mini Desktop to the desk. Either mount to the edge or on the surface.

Edge Mount Surface Mount
surface-mount edge-mount