MediaHub Mini

Introducing MediaHub Mini, the smallest and most powerful mobile device to TV connectivity panel on the market today. The focus is on simplicity, providing guests with the most important, and universally accepted mobile connections to charge and play (USB, Bluetooth, and HDMI). MediaHub Mini offers USB fast-charging for any phone or tablet, Bluetooth and HDMI.



Enhance Guest Experiences

The MediaHub Mini gives your guests the ability to use the in-room TV for any of the content they typically access on their mobile devices. Unleash your in-room entertainment options by making it easy for guests to connect mobile devices and mobile apps to the big screen. With Bluetooth pairing your guests can listen to their music over the TV speakers without docking the phone, providing the freedom to roam and multi-task.



Guest-Facing Device Inputs

  1. Mini Stereo Jack
  2. HDMI Audio/Video
  3. Bluetooth wireless audio streaming
  4. High-Current 2.1 Amp, 5 Volt USB Charging Socket
  5. Standard 0.5 Amp, 5 Volt USB Charging Socket
  6. Automatic Input switching (HDMI-CEC)
  7. Brushed Metal & Black Trim options in box
  8. 3m HDMI cable & power supply