It’s How Today’s Guests
Watch TV

Your guests carry a world of content in the palm of their hands. On
their mobile devices are apps like Netflix, YouTube, Pandora,
Showtime, ESPN and so many more. What if there were an easy way
for guests to stream that content to their in-room TV screen?

TeleAdapt has developed RoomCast™ for exactly this purpose. RoomCast™
provides a wireless personal area network and an integrated Chromecast
media streaming device.

After joining the network, guests will discover the “cast button” within all
of their cast-enabled apps.

How It Works
Simple For Guests
One press of the RoomCast dial brings up RoomCast on the TV, where guests will discover a private personal area network. After joining they can open any cast-enabled app and tap the Cast button to display their favorite content on the big screen. Everything is controlled from the guest’s phone or tablet, using the mobile apps they already know and love. They can even keep using their phone for other things without disrupting what’s playing.

Simple For Hotels
RoomCast is an “over-the-top” streaming solution that is simple to setup and will work along side your existing TV system. Guest’s private information is never exposed and personal area network ensures content streaming is contained to each guest room. And yes, it works on both Android and iOS devices. It couldn’t be simpler: join the room network, launch your favorite cast-enabled app and cast.

Let Guests Stream Their Content


After joining the network, guests will discover the familiar “cast button” in all of their cast-enabled apps. There is nothing to download; no email or password to enter. Chromecast supports 1,000+ apps, 200,000 TV shows & movies, 30 million songs, plus radio, sports, games and more.


Compatible Devices

RoomCast is compatible with the devices that guests travel with including iOS and Android phone, tablets and laptops running the Chrome broswer.

Learn More
Download RoomCast Brochure

“It’s a simple, safe and secure way for guests to stream their favorite content right to their televisions. It’s the future of in-room entertainment, now.”

Sarah Downing, Vice President, Global Guest Initiatives, Aloft Hotels

‘Aloft Introduces Groundbreaking New In-Room Streaming Services’

The Smart Solution for Hotels & Guests




 Smart TV
Enabled Apps

Easy Guest Account Access


With RoomCast guests simply use their own apps and accounts without needing to log in.

With Streaming Consoles and Smart TV’s guests need to log in with an on-screen keyboard and remote control.

Guest’s Account Security


With RoomCast guests never need to share or input their accounts username or passwords.

With Streaming Consoles and Smart TV’s guest’s username and passwords may be vulnerable and need to be cleared.

Apps & Supported Devices


RoomCast supports 1000+ apps and works with iOS, Android and laptops with Chrome browser.

Streaming Consoles and Smart TV’s are limited to select apps and are not compatible with guests smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Simple Wi-Fi Setup


RoomCast creates a unique Personal Area Network (PAN) for each room.

Streaming Consoles and Smart TV’s require changes to the hotels existing open Wi-Fi or a proprietary app or pairing method for setup.

Works with Existing Equipment


RoomCast works with your existing equipment.

Streaming Consoles and Smart TV’s likely require new hardware, contracts and/or head end equipment.


A simple add-on

RoomCast is an “over-the-top” streaming solution that works along with any existing in-room TV or video system. The solution works without head-end equipment; simply connect a RoomCast box to the TV and set the RoomCast controller on the nightstand. The RoomCast box connects to the TV (HDMI), to the Internet (Ethernet) and to power and then hides securely out of site. RoomCast includes an 802.11 wireless access point which is activated on demand, generating a unique WPA passcode. The Chromecast inside the RoomCast box is preconfigured and immediately discoverable upon joining the personal area network for simple plug and play installation.

For a complete list of specs
Download RoomCast Brochure

As standard RoomCast comprises a main unit and a remote controller which is referred to as the RoomCast Dial or just the Dial.

Only three things are required for most installations, a mains power outlet, a free HDMI port on the TV and a wired Ethernet wall jack with open Internet access.

An optional bracket is available which allows wall mounting behind the TV or under desk mounting near the TV.

RoomCast is supplied with all the cables you need to get started including the power adaptor as well as an HDMI and Ethernet cable. These cables assume the RoomCast is being wall mounted directly behind the TV and that the mains power outlet, TV HDMI socket and Ethernet wall jack are all within 3 feet of the RoomCast box. If the RoomCast is being mounted under a desk or the outlets are more than 3 feet from the RoomCast main unit then please contact TeleAdapt about other cabling options.

RoomCast uses an open wired connection to the internet. Typically your network support engineers will simply whitelist the MAC address of installed RoomCast devices.

No. RoomCast is installed solely in the guest room.

If there are no wired ports in your hotel guest rooms, then adding RoomCast in wireless client mode may be possible. Ask the TeleAdapt team about the WiFi network requirements to support client mode.

Your TV only requires an available HDMI port. HDMI-CEC is the preferred method for automatic input switching and is available on most new TVs. Please ask your TeleAdapt sales specialist how to enable HDMI-CEC on your TV model.

Yes, RoomCast is a perfect add-on to any existing VOD/IPTV system. By connecting RoomCast to a spare HDMI port on the TV the RoomCast guest interface can be entered and exited with a simple press of the RoomCast Dial. Your guest is in total control.

The RoomCast Dial is a unique remote control for RoomCast, designed to be engaging, and super simple to use. A press of the Dial will switch the TV to display the RoomCast interface. Just rotate the dial to navigate and press to select the highlighted option. Exit to TV is always one press away. The Dial is the simplest way to make it obvious to your guests, that your rooms are “streaming ready”.

There are a number of options for this. For example we can supply an optional base which can be fixed to the desk. The Dial can either be fixed to the base to prevent theft or simply placed on the base to deter theft.

No. Guests simply need to join the RoomCast WiFi network. When a guest presses on the Dial they will be given the network name (room number) and unique password to use. After joining, guests will see the Cast icon in the Cast-Enabled apps they already know and love. RoomCast includes an optional “How to Cast” video for those new to Chromecast.

RoomCast is powered by Google Chromecast which is supported by the most popular mobile apps. For example in the USA this includes Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO and hundreds more. Please see this link ( for the massive and ever-growing list of Cast-enabled apps.

Guests use their own mobile apps and their own accounts. Guests never have to enter any login details such as user name or password into the RoomCast or the TV. The guest needs only to join the RoomCast WiFi network, open their app and Cast. Remember guests also use their own device to make their media selections and to pause, play and rewind.

RoomCast generates a unique WiFi SSID and passkey which is presented to the guest on the in-room TV. Guests in other rooms have no way of knowing the passkey so the network is totally secure.

The RoomCast management interface provides time out options to refresh the dynamic passkey (for example 24 hours from initial access, or every night at 3am). RoomCast can also refresh based upon a check-out event from the PMS.

Yes, the Casting is a built-in feature of the the world’s most popular browser, Chrome. The Cast feature in the Chrome browser lets you cast what ever you see in the chosen browser window, including videos, photos, music and more.

Chromecast supports Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, YouTube Music and many other music streaming apps. Using these apps guests can simply cast their music stations or selections to the TV speakers while enjoying album art on the TV screen. RoomCast also provides a Bluetooth connection which makes it possible for guests to stream music libraries native to their iPhone through the TV speakers.

Although the Amazon Video mobile app is not directly Cast enabled, you can Cast Amazon content from a laptop using Chrome.

RoomCast has a “guest HDMI port”. When a guest connects their device the TV will automatically switch input and display the connected guest device. Furthermore the RoomCast personal area network makes it easy these “browserless” devices to gain direct internet access. Ask the TeleAdapt team about our optional HDMI puck and panel accessories.

We recommend a 5mbps connection to stream in HD quality, this is in line with the requirements of providers like YouTube and Netflix. Consider that guests are already streaming to their mobile devices on your hotel network. By providing an option to stream to the TV you will likely see only a marginal increase in total streaming on property.

The RoomCast personal area WiFi network is a simple extension of your existing guest internet. Each room has a unique and secure on boarding process which is open within the room for sharing and streaming, but fully isolated from adjacent rooms for security. RoomCast has the option of popping up a terms and conditions window, and/or charging the guest for internet access (requires PMS integration). With HSIA gateway integration RoomCast can be part of a tiered option whether the original opt-in or payment is made at time of or prior to joining the RoomCast network.

The wireless overhead with RoomCast is extremely low. The guest device will communicate over the RoomCast WiFi for initial negotiation of credentials but the actual video content will be delivered over the wired connection to the RoomCast and then to the TV over HDMI. Compare this to a hotel without RoomCast where guests streaming video over the hotel wireless to their mobile devices will have a significant impact on wireless performance for other guests.

The RoomCast SSIDs will only made be visible once the guest accesses the RoomCast and then only until the system times out. Outside these times the RoomCast SSID will not be visible. RoomCast does not just hide the SSID however, it turns the WiFi radio off so minimizing the RoomCast wireless footprint even further.

With an IR sensor connected, RoomCast can detect IR codes from popular hotel room remote controls to allow UI navigation.

TeleAdapt is currently in development of a remote management portal/dashboard utility for RoomCast.

If required please ask the TeleAdapt team about customized RoomCast themes.

RoomCast works in all countries that support Chromecast, Netflix and other popular streaming apps. RoomCast initial launch geographies include the US, UK and Western Europe.