Your hotel gains a luxurious air when there is a seamless integration of high quality technologies – from glow menus to connectivity solutions. In an age where technology is as important as food and shelter, making your hotel premises a technology-friendly place leaves your guests feeling special.






We provide solutions that empower your guests. Your guests enjoy an access to a wide variety of multimedia, internet, and power options – and are able to personalize their rooms.





Provide your guests total control of their rooms – with ease and style – and watch them gaining satisfaction through the sweet experience.

A range of media hubs that come with a plethora of options – USB, Bluetooth, HDMI and other power ports – enable your guests to make the most of their devices, play their music, and even use the in-room TV to enjoy personal audios and videos.

In addition to that, there are media hubs that carry power options as well: they allow users to charge their many devices while offering connectivity solutions. We, at HGUSA, make such solutions possible.





Your guests are always on-the-go they and their devices are never short on power. Get customized power units from us and wire the rooms in your hotel with smart power options.

Modern power options come with plug panels that combine AC, USB, and other types of ports. Your guests desire power panels that are located conveniently in their rooms.

Multi-device charging stations, charging ports – these and various other solutions, tailored as per your needs, are not trivial things as they go a long way in satisfying your guests.





People love their music and they expect an uninterrupted access, on-the-go. A range of trendy and sleek audio options make your guests believe, that instead of travelling, they are relaxing in their own home!

From splendid sound systems that give clarity a new definition to a host of wireless devices and alarm clocks; from the option of playing over the Bluetooth to the ability to connect on conference hubs – we supply all the audio elements that breathe life in the rooms of your guests.




High Speed Internet Access (HSIA):

With the Internet matching the status of a good nutrition, you would do well to give your guests access to high-speed, glitch-free connection that brings the world under their tips.

Smart internet solutions like pull-through devices offer guests easy-to-find access points. Other unique devices that come with retractable cables banish the clutter in the room. Of course, the wireless devices provide style and efficiency while accessing the Internet.

Our Internet solutions are customized to the design and requirements of your hotel.






Enabling your hotel and the rooms with modern communication technology improves connectivity between your guests and staff. A place where information channels are clear and simple to access is a hassle-free place to be!



Analog or SIP – user-friendly telephones create efficient communication channels and bring people closer. Choose the ones that match the décor of your hotel.

Corded or cordless, single line or multi line, we provide best-in-class telephone systems that are elegant and brilliantly engineered. While Analog telephones enrich basic conversations, SIP enabled telephones provide multimedia interactions.